1. Taviene will greet you and ask you to fill out the brief client history form. She will ask you to come an extra ten minutes early on your first appointment so you can do this and she will also perform a brief physical assessment and discuss with you your current problem.  Make sure you bring your private health card along so we can swipe it on the spot and you can claim immediately. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Click here if you would prefer to fill out the New Patient Form Online before you come in.

  2. Taviene will leave the room and allow you to undress to your underwear. if you haven’t already, please make sure your phone is completely turned off (not just on silent - vibrating bags do not a relaxing massage make!) at this time - remember, this is your time now so enjoy! Please remove all your jewelry and place it on the butterfly dish provided. If you need the hair towel to wrap around your hair so it doesn't get messed up and rearranged by the massage oil, please take it from the green basket.

  3. Before you get on the table, have a drink of water. It’s good for you to be well-hydrated before the massage.

  4. Get comfortable on the table, face-down, and pull the towel over yourself (this is easier said than done, so don't worry if you don't get it right Taviene will adjust the towels when she reenters the room!)

  5. Taviene will return and begin the massage. She will ensure that the correct draping procedure is strictly adhered to throughout the massage to respect your privacy and keep you feeling warm and comfortable. Only the body part that is being worked on is exposed.

  6. During the massage, your body temperature will drop so Taviene will check in with you to make you are feeling comfortable and if you need the temperature in the room adjusted, more/fewer towels or even a blanket. You will start to feel a sense of deep contentment.

  7. Taviene will ask you throughout the massage if the pressure is ok, to make sure you are feeling comfortable and she is delivering the optimal level of pressure for you. Otherwise, you probably won’t feel like talking, remember this is your time to relax! Taviene takes all falling asleep and snoring on the table as a compliment!

  8. Halfway through Taviene will ask you to turn over so she can massage the front of your body. Again, correct draping procedures will be followed and she will shield you with a towel to protect your privacy as you do this.

  9. At the end of the massage, Taviene will leave the room to give you time to slowly come back to earth and get dressed. 

  10. At this point, you will probably feel a little spacey so when Taviene re-enters the room she will offer you another drink of water and chocolate to get your sugar levels back to normal. For this reason, it's also good not to have any appointments or pressing engagements that you have to rush off to straight after your massage. Going for a short walk is the best way to ground yourself after a massage. Nearby Russell Barker Memorial Park is the perfect place to unwind in peace. 

  11. If applicable, you will be given some stretches to do at home to assist with rehab and/or prevention of symptoms reoccurring.

  12. Taviene will follow up with a call the day after your first treatment to see how you're going and to answer any questions you may have about the treatment.

Here is how a typical initial consultation (for a remedial massage) will go.

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