Taviene also offers readings - she does not use any “tools” like tarot cards, “scrying” (reading a crystal ball); she just “straight/cold" reads, so to speak. She can however use a dowsing pendulum if you prefer or psychometry (holding a piece of jewellery to tune in to a person) if you feel more comfortable with this. Feel free to bring an object, photo or piece of jewellry with you to your reading and a list of any specific questions you may wish to ask.  You can tape the reading on the voice memo on your phone (instead of madly scribbling down notes during the reading. Taviene uses a combination of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance to give you a reading.


Clairvoyance is probably the most common psychic ability that most people are familiar with. It means “clear seeing” and as this really is my strongest ability, a lot of the reading will be me describing what I am seeing in that moment.


Clairsentience means “clear feeling”. Often this means I might feel the physical symptoms if I am picking up for instance on a time that you were ill, or the feeling of an emotion that an argument may have just happened in a room prior to walking into it. During the reading, I will often describe the “feelings” that I am getting around that moment as it presents itself to me.


Clairaudience means that someone has the gift of “clear hearing” whether that be spirit voices or external sounds.  Just because I have the ability to sometimes hear from the spirits, this does not make me a medium - I do not channel those who have passed over at all. However, sometimes I hear very clear messages from those who have passed over and I will relay this to you.


Claircognizance is probably the least well known of the four psychic talents. It means “clear knowing”, I guess what a lot of people would describe this as is that “gut feeling” and describes the ability to know things without being told


Some psychics also possess Clairalience - which means “clear smelling” and Clairambience which means “clear tasting” so they may receive a message, for instance the smell of your grandmother’s favourite perfume so they can convey that she is here and trying to get a message across. Personally I rarely experience a particular taste or smell, as these abilities are not as strong for me. Again, if I do however, I will pass this information on to you during the reading.