Relaxation (Swedish) massage is gentle and relaxing. A combination of techniques including long strokes, gliding strokes (with light pressure), and some kneading strokes (with medium pressure) are used to warm the muscles, remove toxins and release stored muscular tension.


Naturally the main aim of a relaxation massage is to relax, so unlike remedial massage there is less emphasis on working out serious knots in the muscle tissue. The slower pace and lighter strokes that Taviene uses during a relaxation massage calm the entire nervous system and it's not unusual for people to fall asleep on her massage table.


Relaxation massage is the perfect way to experience a deep sense of relaxation. It has substantial health benefits such as soothing the entire nervous system, improving blood circulation and stimulating the body’s lymphatic system, which carries away waste products. Some other benefits of this style of massage are that it reduces emotional and physical stress and promotes a general sense of well being and harmony.

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I have had many relaxation massages with Taviene and always leave there feeling 100% relaxed and so much calmer than when I walked in! Dianne