Sports massage is designed to enhance athletic performance and plays a major role in performance preparation, training and injury recovery. However you don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit from sports massage. It is as equally as appropriate to use this style of massage for anyone who exercises, even if it is only mild exercise such as regular walking or gardening!


Sports massage is useful before and after significant sporting events, helping to improve the athletes performance, reduce the incidence of injury and accelerate the restorative process after the stress of exercise.


Each sports massage is tailored by Taviene to the specific needs of the client depending where they are in their training phase, that is, pre-event, during the event or post-event. Techniques employed in sports massage include stroking, kneading, frictions, vibrations, shaking, squeezing and compression of muscles, tapotement and also stretching and joint loosening techniques. 

Sports massage on leg
Sports massage on leg
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I have been going to Taviene for regular massage sessions for over a year now. She always does an assessment, ask questions about how your body is feeling and lets you know what the focus of the massage is going to be. She is extremely knowledgable and even gives me stretches for "homework" sometimes. She always manages to somehow magically fix the current issue on that day! Dan